Wednesday, 9 October 2013

nss poster design

so the other day i mentioned the dreaded nss brief we're set every year, and here's my design for this year. my design was disregarded because it didn't communicate directly enough (which is true,) however in the feedback session i was told that my idea was fun and cheeky and would probably work, so i pursued it. regardless of whether or not my idea was direct or clich├ęd enough, i'm pretty happy with the whole concept i came up with and the visual style of the poster, so i submitted anyway because, well, there was no harm in entering, right? the worst that will happen is i'll hear nothing back, no big deal. i'm trying really hard at the minute to create work that i like and work to briefs in a way that is true to my style in terms of both visuals and ideas, so i think that although my design probably isn't 100% suitable for the brief, it is true to my style and that's the thing i'm really trying to focus on in second year, developing my own personal style. i want to eventually be at a point where i like what i'm creating so that i can be 100% confident and passionate about my projects and be able to talk people through my concepts with total ease.

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