Monday, 21 October 2013

the body shop haul

this haul isn't as big as my previous e.l.f. one, however i thought i'd just about bought enough for it to quality as a haul, so here i go! i'd been on the search for cruelty free hair care to replace my abundance of aussie products that currently keep my hair under control, so when i realised that the body shop sold hair products i was on the website browsing the range in a heartbeat. i know there's a lot of talk around the body shop and how they're owned by l'oreal that puts cruelty free shoppers off buying from them, however since doing my research into all their campaigns and speaking to team members in store, i personally feel safe and comfortable buying from them with the confidence that their products and ingredients are not animal tested, regardless of their parent company.

while online i stumbled across a voucher that entitled you to 50% off when purchasing 8 or more products, so i took this as the perfect opportunity to gather together a load of products that will replace my current hair care products when they run out. i only purchased 5 items, however my trusty friend who also placed the e.l.f. order with me decided to tag along and helped me out by purchasing another 6 items for himself - big spender! our basket totalled a whopping £70 before discount, but just £35 after; thank you 50% discount! my items came to £15.25 altogether which i thought was more than reasonable, i'm just crossing my fingers that the products will impress me when i eventually do start using them! if not, at least i know for a fact that they all smell damn good.

have you used any body shop haircare or any similar cruelty free products before? i'd love to hear any thoughts or recommendations to check out!


  1. I've never tried anything from body shop's hair care range. I'm currently using the chocomania body butter, the chocomania soap and the tea tree pore minimiser! Loving them! :) x

    Jasmine Catches Butterflies ʚϊɞ

    1. i've had a couple of body butters in the past and loved them purely because they all smell so amazing! i'm hoping to move onto using some of their skincare products once i've used up all my current ones, so it's good to know they're working for you! :) x

  2. Can't believe you got all of these products for £15, such a good bargain! Let me know how they are because I love trying new hair products. I especially need some sort of detangler because my hair is a pain in the backside after showering.

    Alice x

  3. i know, so cheap! i'll be sure to, if i don't let you know personally i'll no doubt blog about the products :) x

  4. Hi, Robyn :) I adore your blog! And this post is wonderful.
    I have a quick question - what is the font you used in the first picture where it says "The Body Shop"? Is that your handwriting? Either way, I love it. SO cute.

  5. thank you very much! all the writing in the photographs is my own hand writing :)