Sunday, 20 October 2013

sunday synopsis

i (surprisingly) haven't taken it upon me to take any selfies this week, so i'm having to make do with a slightly old picture. this week's been odd in that it feels like it almost didn't happen... if that makes any sense? probably not. i think what i'm trying to say is that nothing much has really happened, so the week's been a bit of a dull one; it could be erased from my memory and i wouldn't feel as though i'd ever missed anything! uni's finally pressing on in that we now have two 'proper' briefs running alongside each other, one which is self promo (which should hopefully be a lot of fun once i get stuck in!) and the other which i'm not 100% sure about at the moment as we're being given short briefs that are all supposed to come together at the end to make some sort of sense... we'll see! i'm still struggling a little with the whole graphic design/illustration divide, however i think slowly i'm managing to communicate that struggle with my tutor and i think i should be okay doing things my way; you know, as an illustrator. i think my main problem is my total lack of confidence, but that's something that will hopefully improve as i progress throughout the year and get used to doing things my own way and hopefully have the tutors think positively of my decisions, because, unfortunately, when i'm back at uni i've more than just myself to please with my work! i would go on, but i've honestly nothing more of any interest to say, so enjoy the rest of your sunday if you're reading this, and i'll be back again next week!

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