Thursday, 14 November 2013

h&m | eyeshadow palette

h&m eyeshadow palette, 'biscotti dreams': £2.99

i'd eyed up the h&m eyeshadow palettes every time i'd stepped foot inside a store for a fair few months, and after doing a little bit of research and discovering that h&m's cosmetics are cruelty free, i decided to head back to my local store and pick a palette up.

i opted for the 'biscotti dreams' palette which features three nude brown shades and a cream as i like a fairly subtle, nonchalant looking smoky eye. i like smoky eyes because while looking effortlessly grungy, colours such as browns help to make the green in my eyes really pop (good god, i really do sound like a beauty blogger now, don't i?) and i think from now on i may retire my felt tip liner for a while and trade a pristine catflick for this more effortless (see also: lazy) approach.

admittedly, the eyeshadows do somewhat rub off throughout the day with the darkest colours appearing lighter when you've done your 9 - 5 at uni, however they don't rub off around or under the eye at all so there's never any mess to tidy up; it's just a case of reapplying if you're busy in the evening! at just £2.99 i'm definitely not complaining, and i'm also debating going back to buy a couple more eyeshadow palettes as there were also palettes featuring greys, blacks and pinks that i was fairly intrigued by.

have you used h&m cosmetics before? if not, will you now be having a browse yourself?



  1. Oh they look so pretty! I'm glad you did a photo of the eyeshadows on your actual eyes - some people never do this and it annoys me.
    N xo

    1. haha yeah it's a pet peeve of mine, too - makes no sense to not show them as they're intended to be used!