Saturday, 16 November 2013

all that glitters

blouse: topshop
dress: primark
belt: internacionale
shoes: river island

every now and again i take a look through my wardrobe and feel a sudden rush of guilt due to all of the pieces that i've left neglected for weeks, sometimes even months, so recently i set about bringing a new lease of life to some of my less loved clothes by teaming them up with one another to keep my wardrobe fresh and exciting for me.

i grabbed this sequin shirt from the topshop sale at the beginning of the year, and other than on the occasional night out when i've wanted to add a bit of glitz to an outfit, it's pretty much remained unloved. the same goes for this plain skater dress from primark that i picked up because it'd be good to thrown on for lazy days (which it is, hence the problem,) however after a little bit of thought and trawling through my extensive collection of clothes, i realised that the colours in both of the pieces worked so wonderfully together, and from that realised that the two pieces had so much potential when worn together! the layers also means that this combination underneath a coat will work perfectly for keeping me snug throughout the winter months.

do you have a stash of unloved clothes that you'll now be looking at with a fresh set of eyes?

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