Sunday, 17 November 2013

sunday synopsis

as the weeks go by i'm getting more and more bogged down by uni work, and with the realisation of how much work i have to do, for some reason, it makes it all the harder to find the motivation to sit down and get on with it because it's all so overwhelming - anyone else get that? right now i wish there was the option to hibernate because i'd very much like to sleep the next few months away and wake up when the weather's brighter and warmer and there are more exciting university projects on the horizon. alas, hibernation's not an option, so as of today, i'm trying to make a pledge to do more and to be happier about my work, my course and myself in general. it's easy to fall into a downwards spiral of self loathing and i think as of late i've managed to slip in and very much need to climb my way back out before things eventually get the better of me. i can't afford to let my self doubt get in the way of my progress any more than it already has because i'm already struggling to cope with how far behind i am, which is all completely my own fault for being so miserable about things. i can't make myself enjoy my course, but i can make myself get on with the work (a level english language proved that to me) and i think a kick up the backside - even if from myself - is definitely what's needed here.

apologies for the general miserable tone, however it's extremely hard to fake happiness, even online - how do you sit and write a bunch of lies? i hope you're all treating yourself better than i've been treating myself lately, and i hope you've had a lovely sunday!

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