Friday, 8 November 2013

sloth christmas cards & donations to the costa rica sloth sanctuary

so after exciting myself over the idea for the past couple of weeks, i finally got my hands on all the necessary materials and got to work on creating some sloth christmas cards! i worked from some of my initial sketches and adapted them in a way that was completely new to me, however i took control in making sure that the colour scheme worked and was apparent throughout every design to ensure that the three designs worked as a set.

my cards are now for sale in my etsy shop at just £2 for 6, so what are you waiting for? if the price tag didn't entice you, how about the fact that i've decided to donate 50% of my profits to the costa rica sloth sanctuary? if you're not aware, i'm very, very passionate about sloths and for a while have wondered about what i could do to raise a little bit of money to donate to the sanctuary, so i figured these christmas cards were the perfect way to do so. i'll be keeping this open and the cards up for sale  until christmas day (25th december 2013), so on boxing day (26th december 2013) i'll stop by to evidence and inform you all on my contribution to the sanctuary. so if i make £10, £5 will go to the sloths, as would £10 of £20 and so on and so forth.

i did design a pattern that i intended to be made into wrapping paper, however i couldn't find anywhere that printed it at a price that would make it worth my while - £15 to wrap a couple of presents up was just not within my budget! so to let it see the light of day, i've decided to share it with you all here.

i hope you all enjoy my designs, i've certainly had fun creating them!

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