Saturday, 9 November 2013

faux fur

shirt: charity shop
dress: handmade
hat: h&m 
necklace: robynmakesthings
belt: asos
coat: ebay
shoes: matalan

so as you're probably all well aware, it's well and truly freezing out now! before we'd even gotten into summer this year i had a picture in my head of the kind of winter coat i wanted after seeing the river island fur collar coats, but due to the coats only being available in grey or tartan and the fact that they were going for £100+ on ebay, i decided that i'd make the effort to find a similar coat at a much more affordable price and in a safer, more wearable colour, which obviously had to be black.

i stumbled upon this gem on ebay for just £20, and although it required a little bit of diy such as rearranging buttons, i think it was an absolute steal. it's not the thickest of coats so will need to be teamed up with cardigans and scarves on colder days, but the fact that it's gorgeous forgives that. although i do hate the colder weather and having to layer up aggressively to fight it, i have very much enjoyed wearing this coat so far, and probably will continue to, even while moaning and groaning about the cold/wind/rain/snow/whatever else the great british weather throws at us.


  1. Wow this coat looks so much nicer in real life than in the eBay photo haha!
    Very tempted to buy it :)
    Lovely outfit, now following you on BlogLovin :)

    1. i completely agree! i figured it was worth the gamble for just £20 though :) and thanks very much, i've enjoyed reading your blog for a while now x