Sunday, 10 November 2013

sunday synopsis

sunday seems to come around very quickly nowadays, much like my 20th birthday has which is now only 18 days away! *gulps* this week's pretty much been a rollercoaster of emotions and yet again another inner battle with myself during my quest to 'find' myself as an illustrator - one day i love what i'm doing, the next i hate everything i create - and it's becoming pretty exhausting. i'm hoping soon enough something will click and i'll find what it is that i'm so desperately searching for, but until then i guess i'll continue to make as big a mess as possible with my various pens, paints and digital tools. 

on a brighter note, my sloth christmas cards were put up into my etsy shop this week and i've already sold two packs, which means £2 has now been put to one side ready to be donated to the costa rica sloth sanctuary, woo hoo! hopefully throughout the course of the next two months i'll do just as well with sales, and in my head i'm hoping to have raised £10 to donate, but we'll see!