Monday, 11 November 2013

three ways to wear: metallic skater skirt

metallic skater skirt: missguided

when i saw this skirt on the missguided website for just £4.49 in the sale, my inner magpie went mad; i say my inner magpie because i've found out recently that i'm attracted to anything that sparkles/shines/glistens in any way, and this skirt was definitely not an exception to that rule. plus, it was dirt cheap and missguided were offering free next day delivery, so how could i not have ordered it?! upon placing a somewhat impulsive order and realising the next day that i'd not really considered how i'd actually wear the skirt, i had a think and composed three ways to wear the skirt, as you can see below.

way one: night out
teamed with a simple bodysuit with a girly neckline and a pair of heels, this works perfectly on a night out. it's a light outfit that'll keep you cool while in clubs, but will also make sure that all eyes are on you. i'm undecided as to whether that's actually a good thing or not, but i'm trying my best to not think about what others may think of my tin man like clothing choices and concentrate on the fact that i know i am 100% in love with this skirt.

way two: casual 
throw on a jumper and some tights and ta-da, you have a totally different outfit! i've worn this a couple of times into uni and for generally just mooching around doing my day to day activities and i find the sheer amount of black helps to 'tone done' the shine without the charm being lost (i think that's near impossible, anyway.)

way three: smart casual
i have this thing for referring to any outfit with a collar as 'smart' and i've no idea why - probably something to do with a lack of better words. i find this look to be similar to the previous one but a tad smarter; not smart in the sense of i'd turn up to an interview in it (however i'm sure if i did i wouldn't be forgotten,) but in the sense that it looks a little less thrown together than the previous look - what is it about a button up shirt that does that?! add a statement necklace and you're ready to go!

since purchasing this skirt i've noticed a few metallic items of clothing popping up on the high street, primark in particular are selling a similar skirt in more of a bronze colour, and it's got me wondering if it's a trend that'll take off and i'll be able to leave the house without feeling as though i'm battling against a wave of judging looks - time will tell!

what are your thoughts on metallic clothing?


  1. I love it with the white shirt, looks very fresh and ladylike with a flash of disco, ha!

    1. haha, thank you - perhaps ladylike was the description i was looking for and couldn't find!