Tuesday, 26 November 2013

the body shop | colour crush lipstick

 the body shop colour crush lipstick, shade 225 'blushing pink': £10

i'd been looking for a bright, girly shade of lipstick to add to my extensive collection of dark red and coral lipsticks and found my solution in the body shop. i'll admit, £10 is pricey for a lipstick, however i purchased this within my birthday month and so got £5 off for that reason, and on top of that i got an extra 10% off the original price with my loyalty card, meaning i snapped this up for just £4, which is a bargain in anyone's eyes, i'm sure.

the packaging isn't great on the eyes, i'll admit, but the quality of the lipstick makes up for that. it's highly pigmented and applies beautifully while being highly moisturising, meaning you get a brilliant wash of colour without the unattractive cracks in your lips that a lot of pigmented but matt lipsticks leave behind. as for wear time, i'd say this is a pretty bog standard lipstick in that it'll last a few hours before it starts to wear off, unless of course you've eaten something, and in that case you'll need to reapply sooner. i've never encountered a 'miracle' lipstick that seems to last the day - which is probably because i never want to fork out for one - however i have tried really naff lipsticks before that rub away at the slightest bit of contact (from experience, mua lipsticks are bad for this,) so in comparison to these cheap lipsticks, the body shop lipsticks are definitely worth paying a little more for. i'd probably compare these lipsticks to the likes of the rimmel lipsticks that i've tried in the past and loved, however rimmel are sadly not cruelty free so i kind of don't want to be throwing my money in that direction anymore. all in all, i'd probably repurchase a body shop lipstick, even at the price of £10.


  1. Ahhh it looks lovely on you! The rest of your make up is perfect too. Serious face envy x