Tuesday, 31 December 2013

2013 favourites: bloggers and youtubers

as 2013 is well as truly at an end now, i thought i'd share with you all the blogs and youtube accounts that i've most enjoyed reading and watching over the last year when i've had an extra few minutes to play around with.


1: floraldanielle
danielle posts a mixture of things from beauty to lifestyle, and i've thoroughly enjoyed checking out all her hauls that have featured clothes, homeware and beauty items. all in all, she generally just knows what looks good and i've definitely found myself inspired by some of the lovely items she's spoken about throughout the course of the year.

2: whatnaomiwrote
i used to follow naomi on tumblr quite a while ago, and after she'd deleted i'd no idea where abouts she'd disappeared to on the internet. luckily enough, i recently found her blog again and i'm really glad i did. her blog's different to the ones i usually follow, but i really love her tone of voice and positive outlook - also, she posts really yummy looking food and recipes fairly often! definitely one to check out if you're into reading blogs rather than scrolling through pictures.

3: therobyndiaries
robyn is probably my favourite blogger in terms of personal style as she always looks so effortlessly brilliant and manages to mix looking girly yet grungy perfectly. if you're into textures, patterns, chunky boots and hats, definitely give robyn's blog a look.

4: llymlrs
ah, of course lily had to have a mention. she's probably a lot of people's favourite blogger, and it's really no surprise to me. lily has an extremely consistent blogging timetable, so you can always guarantee you'll have plenty to read and look at from her every week. she's a gorgeous girl with a fabulous sense of style, so you'll not be disappointed if you decide to give her a follow.

5: laurensibs
lauren blogs about a range of things including lifestyle, fashion and beauty, but it's lauren's outfit posts that really stand out to me. she has such a simplistic style but never fails to look gorgeous, and  this year has really made me consider how to change up outfits using layers. being a student, she also buys most of her clothes at student friendly prices, so give her a check out if you want to look good on a budget.

6: tattyboots
katie is definitely my favourite 'creative' blogger. she's insanely talented and often provides her readers with simple little diy projects to take part in, her most recent being personalised wrapping paper, which looked adorable. mixing lifestyle and personal style with her creative endeavours, katie's blog is just generally a pleasure to sit and look through because everything's always so beautiful.



it's hard to not smile while watching becca's videos because she's just always so upbeat and cheerful - i always find myself giggling along to whatever it is she has to say! she's also a massive fan of primark and has plenty of hauls to share frequently with you which is a definite bonus for me because i'm quite a bargain hunter myself.

carrie's such a nice, down to earth girl and generally posts videos discussing a lot of topics such as having a healthy body image, growing up and just generally how to live your life in this big, bad world we live in. while speaking so much sense and having a well rounded view on things, she's also really, really funny. always a good watch if you want to come away from the video feeling a little less daunted about the world.

rocky's a favourite of mine because i love her sense of style. she has quite a vintage, 1950s theme coming through in her clothing, makeup and hairstyle choices and i find myself inspired by her sense of style and trying to recreate her fabulous hairstyles (with not very much success) frequently. she's also really entertaining to watch and i can hand on heart say i've never not made it to the end of one of her videos. 

lucy's channel mixes fashion, beauty and lifestyle really well and her personality always shines through in all of her videos. i think it's her personality that keeps me watching her videos because i just can't help but laugh at how she approaches things such as beauty in a different way to how other beauty vloggers would. i think i perhaps see a little bit of myself in her, because often she puts herself across as being completely useless, haha - also guilty!

5: lily melrose
yep, she's done it again, lily's made it into my favourite youtubers as well as bloggers. lily's just an all round person to follow because she's so down to earth and genuine in everything that she writes or says on camera. i often find myself sat at my computer screen wishing i was lily's friend because she just seems like a really great person. to avoid gushing too much, i'll leave it at that.

lydia has only recently joined the youtube community and already i'm enjoying watching how she presents her personal style in video format. another reason i love watching lydia's videos is because she's from sheffield and so her accent is extremely similar to mine and i find it comforting to listen to after having listened to london youtubers and their 'proper' accents. so thanks, lydia, for making me feel less self conscious about my accent, haha!

so, there we have it, my top picks of bloggers and youtubers from 2013! here's to 2014 and hoping that these people continue to be as fantastic as they have been throughout the previous year, and thank you all very much for providing me with such interesting, entertaining and inspiring blog posts and videos to read and watch. 

i'm always on the lookout for more blogs and channels to follow, so if you have any personal favourites of your own, please do feel free to comment below with any suggestions. thanks for reading, guys!


  1. Great list!




  2. Wow! Thank you for including me in your favourite blogs of 2013! I've only just stumbled across this post, as I'm actually on your blog for some illustration inspiration haha :D I have absolutely loved your blog this year, and can't wait to see more :D

    1. absolutely not a problem, i love reading about what you get up to, too! thanks very much lauren, means a lot to hear :)

  3. I've literally just stumbled across this post whilst trying to update my blog posts (hundreds of them got wiped ahh!) but thank you SO MUCH for featuring me in this post! :)
    It also means I've come across your blog and I'm now a new follower!