Sunday, 29 December 2013

sunday synopsis

the sundays just keep rolling around faster than i can anticipate, and i'm now at a point where i get into a flap because i've still got lots of uni work to catch up with, but i also have plans to go out and see people i don't get much of a chance to see nowadays what with being at uni, and it's got me thinking about how i work and how i can approach it in a much more effective way.

i suppose this is also half inspired by all the blog posts i've read over the last couple of days about resolutions, plans, goals etc. that people have for 2014. i'm at the end of 2013 and my overall feelings towards the year are a bit 'meh', which i've realised is silly because i feel that if anything, i've progressed so much this year personally; i have a clear direction of what i want to do, i've worked towards getting there, and i know what to do to try and make sure i get there. i've isolated the thing that's causing the 'meh', and have decided it's perhaps best to try and leave it behind and focus on other things that make me happy, and will hopefully continue to make me happy throughout the rest of my life.

so, ramblings aside, what do i want from 2014? i've compiled a short list to try and keep it looking a little less daunting, because, let's face it, life's already made up of enough to-do lists.
  • get a placement over the summer - probably the most important thing to me. at the moment, i have ideas about wanting to go freelance, but i'd like to at least witness a working environment and see if it's at all for me. i have ideas about where i'd like to have a placement, and hopefully with a little bit of help i'll get there, but time will tell.
  • bring my ideas into existence - this is something i'm really bad at doing. i have ideas, but never do anything about them. so, i'll make a conscious effort to write up the books i've had ideas for, create the homewares i want to decorate my room with, and generally just do more. i want to stop bogging myself down with to-do lists and just create things because that's what i want to do. maybe it'll happen more towards summer where i don't have the pressure of university deadlines weighing me down, but i'll make sure it does happen.
  • draw more - it seems silly, but i often shy away from just drawing because i feel that i don't have the time to because i have other work to attend to. to try and remove the guilt i feel when mindlessly doodling, i'm going to try and use my working time more efficiently; instead of sitting around for 12 hours working for an average of 8, i'll try to sit and work solidly for 4 hours instead, leaving me with more 'free time' in which to enjoy myself without feeling guilty about it. 

so, there we have it. doesn't look too scary, right? i read something about how it's more sensible to set goals where you start something instead of stopping something, and it's probably the most sensible thing i've read for a while, because no one actually likes giving things up, do they? i think a lot of success is to do with a positive mindset, so i'm going to enter 2014 being as positive as possible and believing that i can achieve what i want instead of continuing to live in the bubble of self doubt that i have been doing for a while.

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