Saturday, 28 December 2013

layering up

hat: h&m
jumper: primark
blouse: charity shop
dress (worn as skirt): asos
necklace: primark
shoes: primark

when i bought this dress back in september, i bought it solely as a going out dress, but soon realised that it's far too dressy for what i like to wear on your average night out. because of this i started thinking about other ways to wear it to make sure i'd get my money's worth out of it. i generally don't wear bright colours like this, with muted colours making up the majority of my wardrobe, so it was definitely something different for me to consider for everyday wear. once again, hundreds (maybe a slight exaggeration) of layers make for perfect winter wear, so this look will be something i'll be sporting until the weather warms up and i have an appropriate occasion to wear the dress to. who knows, maybe i'll go on holiday in 2014 and get plenty of wear out of it. it seems more realistic that it'll make an appearance on a warmer evening in britain, though. shame.

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