Tuesday, 24 December 2013

e.l.f. makeup review

a couple of months back i placed a huge order with e.l.f., so i thought i'd do a follow up post talking about the products that most impressed me. as well as the products pictured above, i also purchased a blusher, nail polishes, a zit zapper and a lip exfoliator (that i'd previously used and been impressed with,) however those products haven't impressed me as much as the three pictured.

tone correcting powder in cool: £3.75
i opted for this powder simply because it intrigued me; i'd never seen anything quite like it before and was eager to give it a go. i'm glad i chose this option over a regular powder with a shade such as 'ivory' or 'porcelain' because i find that this powder gives a nice, light finish that adapts to the natural colour of your skin rather than caking and masking your face in the colour of the powder, like other shaded powders that i've tried before have. overall, i'm extremely impressed with the quality of this product and have recently purchased two more to ensure i'm well stocked up for a while.

therapeutic conditioning lip balm in vanilla creme: £1.50
i used one of these up within a couple of months which i found incredible as i've never actually finished a lip balm before, which said two things to me: a) that this product is good, and b) that there's not much of it - i believe both statements to be true. you don't get a lot of product in the tube, but at £1.50, can you really complain? as for the quality, i'm currently using a burt's bees lip balm that i purchased after running out of my e.l.f. lip balm, and i much prefer the e.l.f. lip balm to it. where i find the burt's bees balm to just sit on top of your lips rather than sinking into them, the e.l.f. balm, for me, does the complete opposite and totally moisturises your lips leaving them feeling supple and smooth. i've ordered another 3 of these and feel that this product has definitely become a staple in my makeup bag.

makeup mist & set: £3.75
this is one of those products that you never seem to realise does anything until you stop using it. i stopped using this product for a couple of days to see how it benefited my face and noticed that my makeup was much more prone to caking and fading throughout the day; the foundation around my nose would start to wear away so my pores became more noticeable, and my blusher would fade dramatically. basically, the product does what it states it does and keeps everything nicely in place while providing your face with a little bit of moisture. i'd previously used hairspray to set my face (bad, i know,) so anything would've proved to be a better alternative. i also decided to repurchase this product and probably will continue to do so unless i find something better.

other products
i ordered a blusher in the shade 'twinkle pink', and while i really like the pretty, rose gold sheen it gives to my face, unfortunately the product arrived a little beaten and has since completely fallen apart which makes it a pain to use. the nail polishes i ordered seem standard in that they chip fairly easily, but then again i find it hard to find a nail polish that lasts any longer than an hour on my nails before chipping - maybe i just use my hands too much?! - so i suppose it's hard to give an honest judgement when most nail polishes disappoint me. the zit zapper was also an average product, doing the same job as a previous zit zapper i'd purchased, it just means i now have a cruelty free option.

as well as the repurchases i've mentioned above, in my order i also purchased a lipstick, concealer and makeup brush to try out, so please do let me know if you'd like me to drop by and review them in the near future! to wrap up, all in all, i'm extremely impressed by e.l.f. as the products are generally of a good standard, they're dirt cheap and cruelty free. i'll definitely be heading back to them in the future when i run out of products that i want a cruelty free alternative to.

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