Sunday, 22 December 2013

sunday synopsis

i've been at home for christmas now for just over a week, and already i'm bored to death of being home - not even the prospect of christmas being literally just around the corner is making it any more exciting for me. each year i grow to realise how sad it is that eventually christmas becomes just another day for you once you reach a certain age, with the magic starting to wear away for me from the age of about sixteen. one thing i am looking forward to, however, is watching little ziggy open her presents this year; after all, it's our first christmas with her so it'll be something new and exciting to be a part of!

all this home boredom is making me realise how much i enjoy being at university, even if i do spent a good 80% of my time buried under the sheer amount of work i always have to do, and it's got me thinking about how strange life will be come the end of third year when i'm not living with and around the corner from the people that i now consider my best friends. i can hand on heart say it's something i'm not particularly looking forward to, haha! i know a couple of you guys are university graduates, so i'd love to hear about your experience of leaving university and adapting to life back at home if you have a spare couple of minutes to leave a comment :)

all future worries aside, i'd like to take a moment to wish you all a very merry christmas! i hope you eat lots of yummy food, open lots of wonderful presents and have a jolly good time just seeing family, watching christmas films or whatever else it is that we all do during the big day!

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