Saturday, 11 January 2014

floral kimono

hat: h&m
necklace: dainty darko accessories
kimono: charity shop
dress: handmade
blouse: charity shop
boots: river island

ok, first things first: how gorgeous is this kimono?! i couldn't quite believe my luck when i laid eyes on it in a charity shop for just £4, i swooped right over and claimed it before anybody else had the chance to beat me to it. it's very rare that i find wardrobe staples in charity shops that aren't just typical collared blouses, but i find that if i'm having a day where i'm not so sure what to wear, i'll throw this on with a plain dress and before i know it i look presentable and feel great - isn't it great what clothes can do for your self confidence? i can go for months on end without thinking to check out my local charity shops, and it's gems like this that remind me to have a mooch around them more often, because you never know what bargains could be waiting for you!


  1. Such a great kimono and loving those boots

  2. that kimono is absolutely gorgeous!