Sunday, 12 January 2014

sunday synopsis

well i've endured the first week back at uni after christmas, typically the 'most depressing time of the year', and i think i can safely say i've avoided any kind of depression, thankfully! it's been nice being back around familiar faces and actually having some sort of routine again - i never thought i'd be the kind of 'boring' person that enjoys having a routine, but without one i just get so incredibly lazy! perhaps this is me tackling my 'adult' responsibilities head on?

speaking of responsibilities, second year is hard. i recently received my grade for my last module of work which i worked my bloody arse off for, and received quite a disappointing mark for it. the mark's not terrible by any means, but i know i could've and should've done so much better. after speaking to people though it seems that most people dropped at least a grade boundary lower than they normally do, so i'm assuming it's just a natural progression throughout the years, i mean, of course it's going to get harder! i've tried my best to not let it get me down too much, given myself a swift kick up the bum and kindly reminded myself, once again, that i need to work harder. i often say that phrase to myself and hate myself for it because i know i work hard, but i think people can always do more. i guess i just need to find the balance between doing more and running myself down and making sure i sit comfortably between the two markers. if anyone has any useful tips for staying motivated and pushing yourself harder, i'm all ears, haha!

i hope you've all settled back into uni if you've started again, and if not i hope you're all having a terrible time sitting at home relaxing before your post-christmas term does actually start *huff* well, not really, but i am jealous, haha!


  1. Don't let a grade get to you too much, I used to focus too much on the grade rather than the work and my own happiness at times but when you get into interviews and such after uni grades aren't even questioned! Your work is proper ace so stick at it Robyn!

    1. ah katie, thank you SO much! i've tried to tell myself the same but i think it's something that's always going to be hard for me to deal with, especially while i'm still developing myself and my style - i'm always so self conscious about everything i present! i'm definitely trying nowadays to find a way of working that i'm proud of, however. thanks so much for your lovely words, they really mean the world to hear!