Wednesday, 15 January 2014

e.l.f. | £1.50 lipsticks

not so long ago i went on a bit of an e.l.f. binge, and in a crazed moment i added several of their lipsticks to my basket and tried to ignore the fact that they were shades i already owned from other brands. lipstick's becoming a slight problem for me at the moment, perhaps some sort of rehab is necessary...

you might remember not so long ago that i posted a little review about one of the body shop colour crush lipsticks, and i'd definitely compare these bargain e.l.f. lipsticks to the likes of that, and they're almost a tenth of the price! when first breaking the lipsticks in, they feel a little stiff and a few coats is needed for colour intensity, but after a couple of uses they become easy to apply and the colour transfers much quicker. on your lips they're extremely moisturising just like the body shop colour crush lipsticks, however they do feel a little heavier, and are slightly more matte, which for me isn't a problem at all because i personally like to feel my lipstick on my lips because you know that when you can no longer feel it, it's time to reapply!

my favourite of the four lipsticks are definitely sociable because the colour's just so intense, and captivating because i find it works quite nicely with my eye colour and skin tone. i found that when the lipsticks arrived the colours looked slightly different to how the swatches appeared online (i expected gypsy to be much darker,) so i'd bare that in mind and perhaps look around some blogs for reviews on a shade if you don't want to commit to the colour unknowingly.

my only problem with these lipsticks is the packaging. not because the text wears away or because it's not the prettiest, but because two of the four lipsticks arrived slightly beaten because the bullets were off centre in the tub and so scraped along the sides of the tub when you twisted them up. of course this is easily fixable and for £1.50, are you really that bothered when the quality is so great for the price?! i know i'm not!

to conclude, i love these lipsticks. i'll definitely be repurchasing more shades at some point when my inner lipstick demon rears its silly head again, and i really won't mind because i'll be getting quality products at a fantastic price. if you still haven't tried elf make up, go and do it. i promise you won't regret it!


  1. Sociable is stunning! Your make up always looks so flawless, Robyn... as do your eyebrows - serious envy! Never tried Elf products but have heard lots about them. Recently when I was shopping in Cardiff I found a new Elf store which looked a bit shabby, like it had only just opened but it had lots of products that were very tempting!
    N xo

    1. ah naomi, your comments always have me blushing - far, far too kind! but yes i'd definitely recommend elf, i've been so impressed by most of the stuff of theirs that i've tried :) the packaging's a little naff at times, but ultimately you can't complain! x

  2. Oo love a bargain lippy! they look fab on you, love 'gypsy'