Saturday, 18 January 2014

black & white

 hat: h&m
top: primark
necklace: handmade
shorts: charity shop
boots: river island

back in the summer of 2011, shorts were literally all i lived in; almost three years later and it's a rare occurrence if i'm spotted in shorts. last summer i almost threw all my shorts out because i just didn't feel good in them anymore, but for some reason i decided against it, which was probably a wise decision or i'd have been out buying more to replaced the lost pairs!

i like to think this outfit works better in the warmer weather when i can ditch the thick tights and pair my boots up with some cute socks, but i figured with a leather jacket i might as well attempt to get as much wear out of my shorts as possible - i used to back in the day, braving shorts and tights in the dead of winter! i don't know what it is about skirts that makes you look less of a fool wearing them when it's cold, but it's something i stay thankful for as i live in skirts and dresses!

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