Sunday, 19 January 2014

sunday synopsis

this week saw the first assessment of the year and i think it went okay - fingers crossed this module's mark is a little better than the last's! either way, i thoroughly enjoyed creating the work for this module and will probably post a bit about it up on my blog within the next week. this week also saw my work get shortlisted for a hallmark competition! i literally squealed for a good 10/15 minutes after finding out the news and am so chuffed at all the lovely things the judges had to say about my work. hallmark is one of the places i've been eyeing up as a potential placement, so fingers crossed that this'll help me on my way to hopefully getting there! *more eternal squealing*

i've spent this weekend monging out and doing far too little (other than vegetate in front of the tele,) and it's all in preparation for the next two modules i'm starting this coming week. one is in preparation for my dissertation next year *sobs* which will be a lot of work but interesting if i choose my path wisely, and the other is a specialist module where i'll be tackling the macmillan prize with an original story i've written, which will also be a lot of work (so much work i feel ill thinking about it,) but it will be SO FUN. i've literally been looking forward to tackling this brief since may last year when i eyed up the entries being sent off by previous second and third years, and hopefully i'll pull myself together, push myself and end up with a piece of work that i'm proud to have in my portfolio that'll reflect my aspirations.

i hope january's been treating you all well, and if not, it'll be over in the blink of an eye anyway!

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