Saturday, 25 January 2014


jumper: primark
dress: primark
necklace: topshop
boots: primark

ok, i am a total primark fangirl. whenever i go into town i just have to have a browse, regardless of whether i want or need any new clothes - after all, just looking can't hurt, right? right, especially when you can pick up a jumper and a dress for just £13! i'd eyed up this dress on the primark website, so when i saw it in store i didn't have to think about taking it into the changing rooms with me. i also spotted this jumper whilst browsing and thought it'd look fab layered over the dress because of how the colour of it complements the colours in the dress. i'd previously bought the chelsea boots, but they look bloody good with just about anything - well done, primark, you did good!

i'm also pleased to have recently added collection to my list of cruelty free makeup brands. at first i was unsure about the brand, but after seeing that other cruelty free bloggers trust it, i decided to go ahead and add it to my own list. shortly after this, i browsed a stand in boots and was taken by this gorgeous, deep burgundy shade of lipstick from the new gothic glam range and snapped it up quickly. after having looked for a dark, vampy shade for a while and seemingly failing to find one that was dark enough for my liking, at £2.99 i was pretty damn pleased to have found this!

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