Sunday, 26 January 2014

sunday synopsis

the last week's been a fairly slow one, probably because i haven't had any looming deadlines breathing down my neck! at the beginning of the week we were briefed our PDP2 module, which in short is dissertation prep. already i've found some really insightful books and have had a good nosey through them and think i might be onto something in terms of putting together a question, i just need now to find more books to inform me about my subject matter! on wednesday i visited newcastle with my good friend josh and we paid seven stories a visit, which was absolutely fabulous as well as being relevant to my PDP module. i had such a good time mooching around the building and taking in the scenery such as wall murals painted by the fantastic oliver jeffers, and then was inspired by the judith kerr exhibition - the way in which all these fantastic illustrators seem to work with such ease is endlessly inspiring, and really pushed me to want to do more and be less precious about doing! i'm sure these illustrators didn't get to where they are now by worrying about every silly little thing.

in other news, i got my PD1 module grade back (the module that i created my sloth's guide to illustration zine for) and was completely pleased and relieved to discover that this mark was much better than my previous one, putting me back into the first boundary where i so comfortably sat for pretty much the entirety of first year. while i was relieved about the grade, it all felt a little bit sour because i was equally pleased with the work from both of my recent modules, and so find it a little ridiculous that i should celebrate this piece more than the previous just because it was more suited to assessment purposes. basically, i worry a lot about my grades and i'm not entirely sure how useful or relevant grades actually are in the big bad world, anyway. all i can really take from it is that my self initiated work seems to be more successful, which perhaps could be because i'm truly passionate about it, which says to me that i should now be taking note of every little thing that crosses my mind and seeing how i can use it to push future personal projects. just the other day i came up with a rough story idea based around a fleeting, silly thought i had, and then i realised that i need to pay more attention and not let silly thoughts go when they can hold so much potential - after all, my work exists because of silly things!

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