Wednesday, 8 January 2014

lush herbalism

when i first started reading blogs back in late 2012, i very much preferred reading fashion blogs and often wondered how people became so obsessed with and hoarded makeup and skincare... well, a year and a bit on and i'm now ready to admit that i, too, am now a bit of a makeup and skincare hoarder. oops...

i recently decided to splurge a bit in lush, and after having a chat with a store assistant i came out with herbalism in my bag. i was a bit dubious about the product at first - i'd never used a solid cleanser before and the smell was questionable, but after having it recommended for my skin type i decide to let go of any doubts i had and give it a go, and i'm totally glad i did!

after a few times of using the product the smell became less of an issue; i find that there's something oddly familiar about the scent as it reminds me of my nanan's house for some reason. i'm terrible at describing scents, but i think it smells earthy, yet fresh - perhaps herby as the name suggests?! friends of mine have commented that it smells of fish and chips, but i can't say i agree haha!

after almost two weeks of using the product, i can whole heartedly say that it has worked miracles for my skin. i get really bad blackheads around my chin and i generally break out there around once a month, but since using this my blackheads now are less visible and there are definitely fewer of them - yippee! obviously i still have the odd blemish on my face as you can see in the picture above, but i'm so pleased with the results i've seen from this product so far and would recommend it to anyone with oily/combination skin who's looking to tackle blackheads and spots. it also leaves your skin feeling fabulously soft and supple because it also works as a gentle exfoliator as well as a cleanser. it's not the cheapest cleanser out there, but i'd say that it's worth every penny because, unlike other cleansers, it's actually worked for me!

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