Sunday, 5 January 2014

sunday synopsis

wait, what happened to my typical sunday selfie? i'm afraid this week i've traded it in to share with you all the fact that i've been... *breathes* featured on the primark website! laura got in touch with me a couple of weeks ago about answering some questions to be featured on the new website, but it still came as quite a shock to actually see my face up there amongst all the other articles! if you'd like to have a nosey at the short q&a i took part in, you can do so here! primark were kind enough to send me out a giftcard for taking part, so in good time i'll have a primark haul to share with you all featuring all the goodies i bought with the store credit.

in other news, i'm now at the end of my christmas holidays and i'm kind of dreading having to head back to university and deal with all my work responsibilities again because i just know from here until summer is going to be absolutely hectic! time to really apply myself and focus on bettering myself - there's only a few months left of second year until i'm a third year, and aren't you supposed to be somewhat 'established' by then? it's scary to think about!

during my time at home, i've settled back in and spent a lot of time with people that i hadn't seen since the summer, so it was nice to catch up with friends, go places and know that friends are only a car ride away - something that's easy to forget when you don't see people for months on end!

all in all, i'm ending the christmas holidays on a pretty positive note. thanks so far, 2014!


  1. Oh my god, congratulations! :D You must be so pleased you were featured!
    I definitely know the feeling about university, too much work

  2. Congratulations on being featured!