Wednesday, 19 February 2014

e.l.f. | matte finisher nail polish



when the matte nail polish craze hit a few months ago, it was something i definitely wanted to jump straight onto the bandwagon with, however i just couldn't bring myself to part with the money to buy my favourite nail polish shades in a matte version as well as a normal, glossy one. before hope was lost, e.l.f. jumped in (once again) to save the day with their more than afforable products, offering this matte finisher for just £2.50. as they'd recently sent out a £10 off voucher and i was placing an order anyway, i decided to throw this into my basket too to see how it fared.

at first i was a little dubious - i just didn't understand how a top coat could mattify the glossy finish of the previous polish? however a few seconds after applying the top coat, i could see the colour starting to 'dry up', and after a couple of minutes i had perfect matte nails! i can't say it's a brilliant top coat for preventing your nails from chipping as i noticed my nails chipped just as quickly as they normally do (but this is something i can never seem to combat, regardless of what brand of nail polish i'm wearing,) but if you're looking for a cheap matte nails option that means you don't have to purchase several matte shades, i would definitely recommend this, particularly if you're happy to top up your nail colour regularly. i find that for the best overall finish it's good to apply a thick couple of layers of your normal nail polish underneath the top coat, because when applied over a thin layer it can wear away the colour underneath, leaving you with patchy, wishy washy looking nails.

overall i'm really impressed with this product, and for £2.50 i'll be tempted to add plenty more of these to my next e.l.f. basket; matte black nails are now my go to option when i'm feeling a little lazy! have you used any other matte top coats and would recommend them? i'd love to hear about some other (preferably cruelty free!) alternatives!

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