Sunday, 16 February 2014

sunday synopsis

this week started off fabulously as i found out that i had a week longer on my current module than i thought i had, which meant for lots more experimentation with my story, characters and spreads and i'm now finally at a point in my module where i feel that my work is cohesive and somewhat successful. i've also realised that throughout this module i've been the happiest and least stressed of any other module i've ever had to work through, and i'm finally thinking "man, i know what i want to be doing." work doesn't really feel like work and i love it that way and am already filled to the brim with thoughts and themes for more work that i can begin to fully explore over the summer. the prospect of summer is exciting because it means lots of time for pure self indulgence in exploring all the aspects of work that i want to, and also because of the placement i'll undertaking! i mentioned last week that i'd bagged myself a two week placement this summer but was reluctant to announce where as i wasn't sure if i should or not, but i can now happily inform you all that i'll be working within the hallmark creative studio amongst all the friendly faces! and here we go again, the silly smiles are back.

the week ended as fabulously as it begun as i spent friday evening with a bunch of friends and saturday day with my bff (what a term, eh) and i couldn't have asked to have spent the weekend with a better bunch of people. man, as fabulous as the future could turn out to be, i'll miss my friends when i leave uni.

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