Saturday, 8 February 2014

nine in the afternoon

hat: h&m
top: topshop (old)
pinafore: primark
necklace: topshop (old)
boots: primark

every now and again i take outfit photos and hate absolutely everything about them; why is my face so flat? i'm sure my chin has more definition that that? am i really that shapeless? the lighting just isn't right today!; and i'm sure it's probably something a lot of you other bloggers have to regularly deal with! i swallowed my pride however and got on with things, and although i have less photos to show than i usually would, i do at least have something!

this primark pinny has been spotted on most bloggers, but after months of resisting it, i could no longer when i spotted it in the sale for a mere fiver. i picked up a 10 on a whim hoping it would fit, and much to my surprise it's rather spacey! perhaps it's intended to be oversized, but i'm kind of wishing i'd have now gone for an 8 so it'd be a little more fitted and flattering because i feel that my waist and any kind of shape is totally lost underneath it! teamed up with rose gold jewellery and this old topshop crop of mine (that i was about to take to a charity shop along with some other clothes!) i find that i just really don't mind the loss of shape because the colours seem to work so well together.

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  1. Cute pinny! Love the top underneath and those amazing boots