Wednesday, 5 February 2014

the body shop | grapeseed glossing serum

since choosing to go cruelty free back in october, i've been continually on the lookout for some products that would treat my hair as well as aussie's products had been doing for the last few years. while browsing the body shop one day i stumbled upon this glossing serum, and what sold it to me initially was its smell - it's so fresh and fruity! the serum is clear and almost gel like, and when you rub it into your hands it feels extremely greasy.

i'd previously used coconut glossing sprays on my hair and found it was easy to tread the line between reviving your hair and just greasing it up, so at first i was wary of how much to apply. i began by using two pumps, rubbing it into my hands and evenly distributing it throughout the mid and ends of my hair, and much to my delight my hair felt instantly refreshed, clean and not greasy - woohoo! i did feel that there was a lot of excess product on my hand after using it, so from then on i opted to use only one pump of product and found that that still was more than enough. obviously if you have thick or long hair you may need to use more, but unfortunately i'm not blessed with either of those things!

i now use this product twice a day, once before styling, and then again right before bed. because i wash my hair every 2 - 3 days, on the days in between washing my ends become really dry and somewhat frizzy, but one pump of this tames it instantly and, with a bit of dry shampoo at the roots, helps to give off the impression that my hair's been washed because my ends appear nourished and shiny. the product claims to also help protect split ends, however i haven't been using this product long enough to speak about its long term benefits, i just know that on a day to day basis it's an absolute god send for keeping my hair under control and manageable.

admittedly this isn't a cheap product, but if you're signed up to the body shop's mailing list they seem to be constantly sending out one offer or another, so catch them at the right time and you could get anywhere up to a 50% discount, meaning this product would set you back by £3.50 which is an absolute steal for the quality of it. heck, if i was in dire need of another of these and there were no offers on, i wouldn't begrudge paying the £7 price tag because i know it'd be worth it. i get the sense that the bottle will last me ages because i use so little every day, but i guess that'll be something to reflect on in the future.

both me and my hair are extremely pleased with this product, and if you suffer from dry, frizzy ends, i'd definitely recommend giving this product a go, even if you just nip in store and try a little bit through your ends! i'll now happily add this to my repurchase list.

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