Sunday, 2 February 2014

sunday synopsis

no selfies were taken this week (shock horror,) so here's a snap of me and my good friend cleveland enjoying a bit of voddy on friday night. the last week's been pretty chilled and somewhat enjoyable, we've been eased into our specialist module and i've been exploring some of my story's characters and developing them a little which means the week's been pretty much stress free. i am now however 1 week into a 4 week module and i know from now on the pressure's going to be on to get things done, and done to a standard that i'm happy with!

in other news, this week i found out that our tutors sent off a selection of second and third year work to mima, a local art and design museum, and was informed that they liked my approach to involving children with their new jewellery collection and may be in touch with potential future work! it was such a relief to hear that the client liked my work after receiving a grade for the module that i wasn't happy with, and it once again helped me to feel comfortable in the knowledge that grades aren't everything when it comes to creative work. the only scary thing about it all is if they do get in touch with me, i'm going to have a lot on my plate these coming months!

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