Saturday, 1 February 2014

faux fur & florals

faux fur coat: matalan
jumper: old gift
skirt: select
belt: primark
necklace: topshop (old)
socks: primark
boots: missguided

i'd always loved how faux fur coats looked on others, but never thought they'd suit me because they're so bulky. when i spotted this in matalan and had a discount voucher, i thought what the hell and gave it a try and quickly found out that i did in fact love how i looked in it. as well as looking fab, it's the warmest, cosiest coat i've ever had the pleasure of owning, and as my mum put it, it's an item of clothing that i'll "hold onto for the rest of my life" because faux fur is seemingly forever coming in and out of fashion.

i was also pleasantly surprised to stumble across this skirt in select because a good 80% of the time, i'm totally unimpressed by what's stocked in there - it's generally just not my style! i've found a couple of decent pieces in there before, and if there's one advantage to shopping there, it's that everything's always dirt cheap - this skirt was only £8.50 with my student discount! from one extreme to the other, these boots set me back around £38 after discount, but they were worth every penny because they're just so pretty. i often wonder now how i once lived my life in flats as big, chunky heels are now a wardrobe must have for me, what with me being only 5'4!

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