Saturday, 29 March 2014

here comes the sun

sunglasses: primark
 jacket: h&m
top: primark
necklace: handmade
rings: primark
jeans: topshop
sandals: primark

the sun has decided to show its face again as of late, and with the resurrection of the sunshine, i always decide it's a good idea to resurrect my joni jeans. because the jeans emphasise, ahem, how wide i am, i always like to team them with a light, flowy top to try and balance out my top and bottom, meaning during the colder months when i'm in need of something a little thicker on top, my joni jeans are a no go. just the way i like to play the game, unfortunately!

i nabbed these sunglasses for a quid at the back end of last summer, and am i glad i did because they're definitely my favourite pair of sunglasses i've ever owned. i also picked up a white pair, because at a quid it'd have been silly not to! i assume these sunglasses will now see me through several summers, and i have high hopes of the sandals doing the same, too. before buying this pair, i'd previously had the same two pairs for the last three years, so if that's anything to go by i'll be safe for sandals. i can't say that'll stop me buying more pairs of chunky black boots in abundance, however...

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