Wednesday, 26 March 2014

soap & glory | sexy mother pucker gloss stick

for christmas i received a £10 boots voucher, and with the intention of picking up the supercat liner and soap and glory being on 2 for 1, i decided to pick one of these gloss sticks up on a whim too. i'd never used a gloss stick or any other lip colour in the form of a chubby stick before, so the experience was to be an entirely new one to me.

on first impressions i was a little underwhelmed, the colour pay off just wasn't what i was expecting it to be. i personally love a really deep, intense colour, so the light covering that these gloss sticks offer just wasn't doing it for me. i decided to keep at using the product however and found that the colour is buildable and after a few coats you can achieve a nice punch of colour with a subtle glossy finish. i've used some of soap and glory's other sexy mother pucker lip glosses before and hated everything about them as they're far too sticky and any hint of wind and your hair's stuck to your face (not a pleasant experience or look!) so in comparison to those other products, this lip product is definitely one of soap and glory's more desirable ones in my eyes. i find myself reaching for this product if i'm going for a toned down, neutral look that doesn't require a bold lip to make a statement as it adds a hint of colour and helps to moisturise your lips without drawing all the attention to them.

as much as the product is nice and does its job, i don't think i'll be buying any more from this range as i personally prefer the colour intensity you get from lipsticks and realise now that it was silly of me to ever think that a glossy colour would tick all the boxes for me! that said, if you're into the subtle, glossy pop of colour that you get from gloss sticks, i'd say go check these out.

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