Saturday, 22 March 2014

mixing textures

 top: primark
necklace: primark
skirt: primark
shoes: missguided

aaaand primark strikes again! i put off buying one of these fluffy crops for quite some time, however resistance was futile and i soon caved and had to throw one in my shopping basket (i say that hypothetically, as in reality i normally just wander around primark with several hangers hanging off a finger until it all gets a little too heavy and it's time to head to the changing rooms!) i also nabbed this skirt in the sale for a fiver on somewhat of a whim as i didn't need it, but for a fiver i definitely wanted to make room in my wardrobe for it.

i'm heading out to new york at 1.30am tonight/tomorrow morning and this is one of the outfits that i'm taking with me as the layers are thick enough to keep me warm in a light jacket should the weather be kind to us, but it also looks fine teamed up with my bigger, fur collared coat should the weather be uncooperative and a little colder than i'd desire. we've also been told to pack 'sensible shoes' as there'll be a lot of walking involved throughout the visit, and i'm guessing that my choice to take these babies with me will no doubt be questioned by many also attending, however i'd like to think that evolution has kicked in throughout the last year and i am now fully adapted to coping with walking everywhere in heels... or at least that's what i propose as nowadays walking around with flats sends my calves into an unfamiliar, uncomfortable spasm.

footwear worries aside, i am equally excited and freaking out over the whole visit. the travelling will be awful, but the food will be glorious. the crowds will be manic, but i can try and find mclaren's pub. i'll probably put around half a stone on in five days, but the food will be glorious... is there a recurring theme here? oh yeah, the food. i am so looking forward to the food. priorities, eh?

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