Friday, 21 March 2014

today: acid wash mom jeans

crop top: primark
necklace: primark
belt: primark
jeans: topshop
boots: primark

i lose count of the times i've wandered into topshop, picked up a pair of mom jeans and eagerly dashed to the changing rooms with them only to exit the shop empty handed. it comes down usually to one of two reasons: a) i just can't decide if i like them, or b) i just cannot justify the £40 price tag. i'm guessing it's normally the price that puts me off, because come on, they're expensive.

occasionally i like to have a snoop around on ebay, and when i saw the chance to pick a pair of mom jeans up for just £15, i decided to jump on it because £15 wasn't such a drama if i did decide i didn't like them after all. i sat and eagerly awaited for the postie to fetch them, and when they arrived i threw them straight on and pretty much fell in love. i'm in a bit of a love/hate relationship with my joni jeans, and because of that i was always wary of going for mom jeans in case things were the same with them, but i think i can happily say that what me and my mom jeans have is something much, much stronger than what me and my joni jeans do. true love, i think! very pleased with the jeans, even more pleased with the price. no doubt i'll be reaching for these a lot throughout spring before it gets a little too warm for heavy jeans!

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