Wednesday, 19 March 2014

sleek | matte me lip cream

there are two things i tend to steer clear of when it comes to lip products: matte formulas and nude colours. however, after my recent stint of becoming utterly obsessed with marina and the diamonds and trying my absolute best to channel the strong, independent lady that she has you believe she is, i decided to dip my toes into a couple of new zones and ended up purchasing this baby.

on first impressions i thought "what have i done?!" as the product applies wet and i assumed (for some reason i just cannot fathom) that the formula would stay somewhat tacky while on your lips, so after rubbing my lips around mindlessly while the formula was drying, i was disappointed when i ended up with a patchy, flaky finish. attempt number two and this time i applied the product evenly and waited patiently for the product to dry before touching my lips together, and viola, the product was even, smooth and covered my lips perfectly!

in terms of longevity, this product's a tricky one. i can sit and sip at my tea and not have it budge, yet throughout the day it'll wear off of its own accord and go a little flaky around the inner part of your mouth, which for me is never a good look, meaning i feel cautious all day while wearing it because i don't want it to resemble the dreaded 'foundation lips' look that is massively avoided. to prevent this, i like to top it up every hour or so just to be safe.

the colour is wonderful. i'm very much into my bold red lips, however lately i've been enjoying wearing softer, more nude colours with a soft pink blush, and this works perfectly for giving an overall softer, girlier look. because of the matte formula, it can however look a little bit overdone because your lips don't have any kind of natural sheen to them, and attempting to give them some kind of sheen with a gloss over the top just budges the product around on your lips leaving them patchy.

all in all, i can say that the matte look has definitely intrigued me. so far i'm finding it a little tricky to wear, however i'm definitely tempted to go ahead and buy some more matte lip products to see what i can get to work for me!


  1. ive been really tempted to buy a matte lipstick but not been sure which one(s) to buy!
    Lauren | OhHay Blogs!

    1. sleek and elf both have matte ranges with some nice shades - both at good prices too! :)