Monday, 17 March 2014

today: monochrome florals

 hat: h&m
dress: new look
shirt: charity shop
necklace: shop dixi
belt: asos
rings: primark
socks: primark
boots: primark

as of late i've felt my blog become a little monotonous and stale due to the posts i write in advance and schedule to post on certain days, so because the academic year's coming to an end and i'll soon have a lot more time on my hands to blog, i've decided to try and make my blog a little more organic by posting outfits on the days i wear them instead of shooting them in advance. i still have some posts backed up for the next few weeks so i'll go ahead posting those as i'd planned, however there may be the odd couple thrown in on top of them depending on how much time i have! i'm hoping throughout the summer to post a little more regularly and true to life, so fingers crossed for it all going to plan!

yesterday i nipped to town to pick up a couple of things for my trip to new york (i go on saturday, eek!) and ended up picking this dress up after having a nosey around the new look sale. it was only a fiver so i suppose it doesn't really matter that i have too many dresses! i'd seen a few dresses with this neckline before, mostly on motel, and really wanted to buy one, however i really didn't want to pay motel prices for one, so this was the perfect compromise. i'm looking forward to wearing it alone in the summer with some chunky sandals, however for the time being i love it equally on top of a shirt and paired with chunky boots and a leather jacket. bargain!


  1. Absolutely love this look! I genuinely can't see one item of clothing or accessory that I dislike...not gonna lie though my emotions hurt right now though, because I bought pretty much the exact same boots from Dorothy Perkins for pretty much double the price of those Primark ones....I'm sorry Primark, I should have never strayed!

    1. can't go wrong with good old primark! if it does make you feel better though, i noticed they only stuck around for a couple of weeks, if that, in my local store :( so it could've been really easy to miss out on them!