Sunday, 16 March 2014

sunday synopsis

throughout my life i've always been convinced that i was a summer girl, however this last week or so that has come along and given us a glimpse of spring seems to have done so in an attempt to change my outlook, it seems. lately i've felt extremely positive and optimistic about things, and i think it's because the weather's been that little bit warmer and is promising the nicer things that are to come with the introduction of a summer. perhaps i'm being silly and totally romanticising spring, but it just seems to be a time filled with a whole lot of hope, or at least when i think back to spring every year it's definitely the one emotion i can remember so vividly and that resonates with me so strongly.

ramblings aside, this week i'm well on with things: i'm 8 spreads into my 13 that i need to complete, and i'm back on track with eating properly and exercising regularly. since christmas i've slipped into some pretty terrible eating habits, and my body's definitely paying for it now, and it seems that with the sunshine has come a new found sense of motivation and positive thinking that's got me back on track for losing the few pounds that i've gained over the last couple of months; i know it can be done after shedding 10lbs last summer, so if i push now, i'm hoping by the end of summer to have hopefully lost another stone and be closer to my ideal weight.

i hope the weather's been just as lovely for you, wherever you are, and perhaps it's even filled you with a sense of positivity, too!

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