Saturday, 15 March 2014

red satin

top: primark
dress: charity shop
necklace: ebay (old)
shoes: missguided

it's not often i wear my glasses as i'm currently fighting a (losing) battle against my diminishing eyesight, however they managed to sneak their way into today's post and the pesky light reflection is telling me to steer away from wearing them in future posts!

it's just occurred to me that the total cost of everything minus my boots in this outfit (glasses included) equates to less than the pair of boots did, and i must say that i'm pretty pleased about that fact! once again the charity shop strikes and i picked this red satin slip up for just 99p. it needed a little altering as i assume it was intended to be a size 16 strappy top, but after sewing the straps a little it was good to go and be worn as a dress. i find that it's fab on its own for nights out or layered up over various tops and shirts for a casual daytime look, and at 99p for such a versatile wardrobe piece you really can't grumble - take that topshop!

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