Wednesday, 12 March 2014

lush | grease lightning

before a month or so ago, i'd always stuck to typically cheap 'zit zappers' and never particularly bothered about finding products that i thought would actually fight my spots properly. as i write this, i wonder why i bothered using and continuing to purchase the various zit zappers that i knew weren't doing anything for my skin, perhaps i just liked to feel like i was doing something. just over a month ago i decided to treat myself a little in lush, and after having reviewed the item's description online and having a chat with an instore helper, i came out with this product amongst a couple of others.

little did i know that that decision was to be my best skincare decisions to date! this product teamed up with lush's herbalism is an absolute god send for my skin. i find that if i've got a couple of really aggressive spots starting to show, pop this on in the evening, and by the morning the spot's dried up and you can just scratch away what would've been the head of the spot. after this, i like to follow up by scrubbing my face in herbalism to try and calm the blemish that the spot may have left while further exfoliating the dry skin around it, and generally it does a pretty good job.

like all products, this obviously isn't a miracle product and if you're suffering from a particularly nasty breakout, grease lightning unfortunately won't cure it overnight. i had a really bad breakout around a week ago with spots appearing all over my chin, temples and around my mouth, and throughout the course of a few days using these products together, my spots had dried up and the blemishes were beginning to disappear. the bottom line here is to be patient - the product is fab, but allow it the time it needs to do its job properly! that said, i did notice really dramatic improvements with my skin from the first night of using it, and since then i can't particularly say its performance has dwindled. my only gripe with this product is the fact that the pump often dispenses a little too much product, meaning it's sometimes wasted on the days where you don't need as much of it.

all in all, this is a fantastic product that i find myself continually thanking the lush gods for whenever deadlines and stress decide to wreak havoc once again upon my face. will i be buying it again? of course! it's definitely not cheap at almost £6 a go, but now i've started using it, i don't know how i'd live without it, and i get the sense that the bottle will last ages anyway with only one pump being needed to more than adequately cover any spots you may have.

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