Sunday, 9 March 2014

sunday synopsis

if you follow me on twitter and instagram, you'll know that yesterday i headed back to seven stories to attend a talk that alex t smith was giving there as he was this year's world book day illustrator. it was lovely to be sat in a room with other grown ups who too loved picture books, and to also have a giggle at some of the things the children came out with; it really is something to sit and listen to little humans that are yet to adopt their verbal filter, part of me wishes i was half as brave as some of them were! after a wonderful talk about his childhood, his inspiration and his working process, i headed downstairs as alex was doing a book signing. i was lucky enough to snap a picture with alex and sir bobblysock, however i fangirled perhaps a little too hard and i imagine came across as a total dweeb - i just couldn't contain my nerves/excitement!

in other news, this week's been a little slow on the work front. we've begun a new module, and although i'm carrying on my macmillan brief i'm still having the 'starting a new brief block' that i always get, where in which i find it difficult to focus and just get on with the task at hand. today however, i sat down and did some serious work, and between working on spreads i was hit with the right amount of inspiration to motivate me and remind me why it is that i'm absolutely loving working on my current brief! letting my imagination run as wild as possible is honestly so gratifying, and to sit down and then see some of my ideas light up someone else's face and give them a little giggle really does make all the hours sat scribbing worthwhile. i have 6 spreads to finalise before i head to new york on the 23rd march, and i'm definitely feeling positive about it. until next week!

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