Wednesday, 5 March 2014

sleek | blush by 3 palette

i remember buying my first sleek product at around the age of fifteen from internacionale and remembering how fantastic it was because i'd just never had a blusher so bright before. on reflection, i can now report that the blusher was in the shade pixie pink and the reason i was so impressed was because sleek blushers are renowned for how fantastically pigmented they are. for ages i'd been trying to get my hands on the sleek rose gold blush, however every time i found myself in a superdrug with a sleek counter, that shade was just never in stock. as i grew increasingly more impatient and my current blusher grew increasingly sparse, i decided to take action and head to superdrug online to place an order and make sure i got my hands on this long coveted blusher.

while browsing the range i stumbled across the blush by 3 palettes, and where a single blush is normally £4.99, i thought it wise to invest in a palette and get 3 blushes for the price of 2. i opted for the palette in 'pumpkin', composed of a rose gold colour (lantern), a pixie pink (squash) and a bright coral (p pie), as it meant that i could flit between a rose gold and pink cheek whenever i saw fit, and the coral was there as a choice on the days where i may have been feeling a little brave!

in a nutshell: i love these blushes. they're easy to blend, long lasting and crazily pigmented; gone are the days of rubbing my brush around in my blush tub as just a couple of pats of your brush on each of these shades is enough to provide you with a more than adequate flush of colour. i initially thought i'd be most drawn to the lantern shade, however after using them all i can happily report that they all look fab and are superb for supporting the subtle changes i occasionally like to make to my makeup when matching it to my outfits. i'd say that p pie is the most bold of the colours and is one i'll probably sport more in the summer when my face has a little more colour to it and suits more of an orange toned flush, but for the moment while the weather's still cold, squash is my go to blush teamed with a nude lip. all in all, i'm a very happy girl. bravo, sleek.

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  1. This looks lovely! I have the blush palette in Lace! :)