Monday, 3 March 2014

primark haul

you might remember back in december i was approached by primark to take part in a q&a to be featured on their website, and for doing so they kindly sent me a £50 voucher. two months on and i've finally blown my way through the credit! i really did surprise me how long it took me to spend it all and a few times i felt as though the giftcard was burning a hole in my pocket, however now i look back over what i actually got for the money i don't mind all so much!

sandals: £14
i'd seen some similar sandals advertised on the primark website a couple of weeks back, so from then on i'd been incessantly visiting my local store in an attempt to pick a pair up, and last week i finally stumbled upon these babies. they're not the same as the ones i originally spotted, however they were cheaper and i actually think i like them more, so win - win! i'd already spent the credit on my giftcard when i picked these up, but how was i to say no?

patterned tea dress: £8 & roll neck jumper: £5
these were the first items i picked up with the giftcard after seeing the dress on the website and loving the colours and pattern. i spotted the jumper on a sale rail in store and for £5 decided to pick it up to layer over the dress throughout the colder months.

bag: £8 
i had a bit of a scene in the student union one night when my old going out bag broke unexpectedly on me, so i knew heading to primark would be successful because i'd be able to grab a new one for a very reasonable price (no thank you new look, river island etc. with your £20 tiny bags!) i picked this bag up because it's a great size, has plenty of room inside, is versatile and has subtle adorable cut out details.

floral shirt: £5
i spotted this shirt sitting alone on a sale rail and was drawn to the pattern on it and picked it up knowing it would be easy to team with pinafore dresses and skirts.

pinafore: £5
i'd spent a lot of time eyeing this pinafore up before christmas but never actually buying it, so when i spotted it in the sale for a fiver i didn't even have to think about picking it up. the corduroy material and the brassy gold detailing are gorgeous and well worth a fiver!

fluffy crop: £10
like the pinafore, this is another blogger favourite that seems to be doing its rounds on blogs as of late. i have a similar jumper that's black and long sleeved, so i figured i'd pick it up in white rather than going for another black one. it's ridiculously cosy and when wearing it it's hard to not just sit stroking myself... so soft!

pleather skirt: £5 & denim skirt: £5
these were basically bought to replace a couple of skirts i'd previously had that were denim and pleather that are now too big for me - what a bittersweet occurence! £10 for two skirts though? not too shabby at all!

so, there we have it! i feel that primark started a little slow at the beginning of the year and i spent what felt like an age trawling through sale crap desperately hoping my store would get the new season stuff in quickly, but spring's on its way and primark seems to have really upped its game! have you picked up any gems from primark recently? 

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