Sunday, 2 March 2014

sunday synopsis

thursday saw the assessment for my specialist module at uni (i blogged about the final outcomes here) and so far i'm feeling positive about the module as a whole. i'm kind of holding out for my best marks yet because i definitely feel that it's the most successful work i've ever created, but only time will tell! *cue crossing of fingers and toes* even if i don't manage it, i'll definitely be keeping this module's work in my portfolio to show off to people proudly when i need to, and that's not something i've ever felt in regards to other work i've created.

i decided to head home this weekend to cool down from the intense four weeks i've just had and spent friday night in huddersfield with some friends from home before coming home on saturday to chill out for the night and spend some time with my family, which also meant lots of cuddles with ziggy for the first time since christmas! being at home feels strange because i've only been home three times since starting back at uni in september, mainly because a) it's in the process of being redecorated, and b) because it turns into my brother's music room while i'm away, with his violin stand and keyboard taking pride of place in the centre of the room - weird! i also went shopping for bits and pieces today with my mum to start filling my room with while i'm home over easter and i started with wall shelves so i'll finally have a place for my books to live, which also means i've now got an excuse to buy more books now they have a place to live - next step, waterstone's picture book section!

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