Saturday, 1 March 2014

leopard print & leather

blouse: primark
necklace: topshop
dungarees: new look
belt: primark
boots: primark

these dungarees are an item that often get shoved into a drawer and forgotten about, mainly because i'm forgetful and own too many clothes, but also because i always feel so self conscious about wearing shorts in winter, even with a big cosy pair of tights on. i recently purchased this blouse from the primark sale for a fiver, and instead of teaming it up with a typical pinny dress like i normally would, i pulled these dungarees out from the dark depths of my memory (and also the dark depths of my shorts/trousers/dungaree drawer) and gave it a try.

i really love the combination of the leather and the leopard print, but i just can't help but feel that the opaque tights take away from the overall look somewhat. perhaps this outfit will be something i'll be happier to sport more when the weather warms up and i can happily wear my 10 denier tights again! ah, the perils of living in a country with such an up and down climate. i often fantasise about how great it would be to live abroad in a country with a constantly warm climate, not only for the fantastic sunshine, but for the fact that i wouldn't need separate wardrobes for every season...

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