Friday, 28 February 2014

the sloth who almost stole christmas

these last few weeks we've been working on our specialist graphic projects module at uni and it's literally a module that i've been looking forward to for almost a year now after viewing the second and third year work ready for submission at the end of my first year of university. from the beginning of second year i knew i wanted to write my own story, and whilst thinking up christmas card ideas in october i stumbled upon a story idea revolving around santa and a sloth and the potential demise of christmas day if the present delivery were to be put into the hands of a sloth, and from that the sloth who almost stole christmas was born! your typical story of santa's engine breaking down, however this time in the rainforest with only a sloth to help him with his duties.

i initially thought that my story idea being so cliché and perhaps boring would go against me, however while working with the text and imagery i realised that it benefited me somewhat as it required me to be much more imaginative when considering my imagery and really got me involved with potential sub-stories and character development, and at the end of it i must say i'm pretty chuffed with what i've managed to pull together!


i've had so much fun developing the story, characters, spreads and typography that i'll be continuing this project through into my next university module so i'll have an entire book to a) send off for macmillan, and b) have as a fantastic portfolio piece. i can't quite believe how much fun i've had working throughout this module and now definitely know that a place somewhere within children's publishing is where i would hopefully like to end up someday. watch this space over the next couple of months for the entire book!

you can view my work on my online portfolio here.


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