Wednesday, 26 February 2014

primark | p.s. love beauty range

 primark waterproof mascara: £2 / primark eyeliner pen: £1.50



first things first: please do excuse the awkward teen phase my right brow seems to be currently going through, i'm hoping it'll grow out of it sooner rather than later!

when i first heard about primark's new p.s. love beauty range last week i was really excited to make my way to my local store to have a mooch around what was on offer, however it quickly hit me that their range may not have complied with my beliefs on cruelty free cosmetics. knowing that they'd recently pulled the angora products from their clothing, i decided to get in touch with primark to ask if they upheld the same morals in regards to their new beauty range. here's the email i sent them:


I'm contacting you to ask about your new P.S. Love beauty range and whether you test the final products or ingredients on animals, or if you pay somebody else to do so on your behalf. I was delighted to hear at the back end of last year that you were putting an end to selling angora products, and would love to hear that you hold the same values about cruelty free products throughout your new make up range, too. If the products are indeed cruelty free, Ill be very excited to get my hands on some of them."

i had a response within 2 days of sending the question, and here's how they replied:

"Primark and our own label manufacturers do not commission animal testing on any Primark own brand products or ingredients. Our own brand cosmetics and toiletry product ranges have not been tested on animals by Primark or by our own brand manufacturers.

Primark are against animal testing"

after receiving this response, i was happy in the knowledge that primark themselves don't test any finished products or their ingredients on animals, and don't pay other companies to do so on their behalf either, so i headed to my local shop and picked up a mascara and eyeliner to try out. 

so first up, the mascara. i'm going to start by simply stating that i was blown away by the quality of this product for the £2 price tag! as you can see in the image, the brush is quite large, round and has plastic bristles, which was instantly a winner for me because i find that chunky brushes work the best for my lashes. on your first application, the brush gives your lashes length and definition with a touch of volume, however if you're like me and like a thicker lash, another coat does the job nicely and i find that this mascara definitely rivals my pixi large lash mascara which is 6x the price of this at £12! the product is also said to be waterproof, and although i can't vouch for it 100% as i've only had the product around a week, i did sleep in it one night (naughty me, i know!) and woke up with it still in place, however it had begun to flake a little bit, but at £2 you really can't complain! i'll definitely be adding this to my favourites list and perhaps repurchasing if i can't bring myself to pay £10+ for another mascara. 

onto the eyeliner, this didn't impress me as much as the mascara. it has a nice thin nib so it's easy to perfect a sharp cat flick, however the colour isn't quite as black as i like my eyeliner to be. i also find that it wears away fairly easily throughout the day so you definitely need to top up if you were wanting to go from day to night with the same makeup. i definitely won't be putting down my supercat liner for this, however i do think for £1.50 i'll throw it in my bag and use it for touch ups throughout the day/night. although it's not a fantastic product, it's definitely not bad, and i'd say it's your run of the mill felt tip liner.

all in all, big well done primark! i managed to keep myself from buying any lip products as i have too many, however i'm definitely now tempted to dip my toe in a little more and try some more of primark's beauty range! have you tried any of their new products yet? if so, i'd love to hear what you think of them!


  1. Love this post!
    I am a little concerned that they say they don't test on animals but don't address their use of child labor :/
    I love Primark and their stuff is really good but until they stop using child labor I cannot bring myself to buy from them :(

    1. thanks! i think they didn't address that issue as in my email i didn't ask about it. on their primania website they have a link to their ethics website and a quick browse through that has led me to believe that that they don't use child labour as their code of conduct is based upon that of the ETI's who state that child labour isn't used. you can read more about it here though if you'd like to know more!:

  2. So glad to hear Primark is cruelty-free with its make up range! Will definitely be picking up that mascara at some point!
    Olivia xxx