Sunday, 23 February 2014

sunday synopsis

good evening, everyone! it's a late one today as i've spent my day putting some final touches to my current uni module which i'm being assessed on on thursday, and for once, i'm completely relaxed and calm about it all - there's a first time for everything, right? 

my entire week's been pretty relaxed, actually. i've spent my time between uni and home getting feedback on my work, developing it and then heading to town for a naughty starbucks and shopping sessions with my friend, josh. i've been very naughty this week, treating myself to lush goodies and yet another elf haul amongst the usual weekly night out that i always find myself looking forward to after a week of working my ass off, and i've decided it's time to rein it in and start to look after my pennies a little more as i'm heading off to new york with uni at the end of march! although i'm beyond excited for it, the thought of travelling for so long, the busy crowds and the fact that when i get back it's the run up to the final term this year, is all starting to freak me out a little! time is passing so incredibly quickly nowadays and it's terrifying as i imagine life never really slows down (or at least according to some theory i once read, anyway!) sometimes i just want to curl up and scream because it's all so overwhelming, but kind of in a good way; life's fast paced nowadays, but i'm really enjoying it.

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