Monday, 7 April 2014

oldies (but goodies!)

cardigan: charity shop
dress: charity shop
necklace: primark
satchel: primark
doc martens: charity shop

well, i took to the great outdoors in the hope of taking some slightly more exciting outfits photos, and altogether it was something of a shambles! a roaming poodle, strong winds and the sun flitting in and out from behind the clouds all came together to make the whole process as difficult as possible for me, hence why i only managed to salvage three photos!

when i come home i always dig out clothes i decided not take away with me to uni for various reasons, and this dogtooth cardigan is one that i've once again become rather fond of! i grabbed it from a charity shop a couple of years back and it hasn't received the amount of love it really should have, what with it being such a fantastic find. speaking of fantastic finds, around the same time i also snapped up these really, really old doc martens from a charity shop for just £15 - perhaps my best charity shop find ever!

lately i've taken to wearing my hair in victory rolls in an attempt to make my hair a little more interesting, and it turns out that they don't particularly get on well with freshly washed hair and a lot of wind - who'd have thought?! definitely me, but i thought i'd battle against the facts anyway and then get frustrated when they refused to sit properly on my head, silly me.