Sunday, 6 April 2014

sunday synopsis

the first week of my spring break is over and i've not really got much to show for it; aside from a brief shopping trip with my mum, i've done little else other than doggy sit and wade through my mountain of work that's to be completed for when i head back to uni in two weeks time. i seem to have hit another wall with my illustration work, and i've oddly found it difficult to cope with because i haven't been able to nip into uni quickly for a conversation with a tutor that would help to inspire and guide me along throughout the lengthy and challenging process that is illustrating a picture book. don't get me wrong, it's by far the most enjoyable project i've ever had the pleasure of working on, but it's also been the most demanding and challenging and i'm expecting a lot of myself from it because i know it's an adequate push to help prepare me for what's (hopefully!) to come once i've graduated.

i'm hoping to get the last of my book spreads completed this week, and then on friday i'm heading off to a friend's flat in huddersfield for a well deserved (and needed) night out to unwind and just forget about deadlines for an evening. right now i'm very much looking forward to the summer and having time to see friends without having to feel guilty about filling my time up with socialising rather than working, but i'm also looking forward to having time to work for myself knowing there's no strict deadline - hurrah! i have all these issues with deadlines which are ridiculous because my life will be ruled by them if i get into the industry i desire! i guess i'll cope though, ey?


  1. really intrigued by your current project! I hope you get through the rest better and have a well deserved night out too!!
    Lauren | OhHay Blogs!

    1. thank you very very much lauren! i hope it all goes smoothly - i'll be sure to share the finished book on my blog when it's all done and dusted! :)